Mark Aaron Alsip

Mark Aaron Alsip

I write from the viewpoint of a science-minded skeptic.  My target audience is those who may not particularly be in love with science, but are worried that they’re not getting the whole story from pseudoscientists such as Mercola, March Against Monsanto, Food Babe, Dr. Oz, and the dangerous anti-vaccination crowd.

My degree is in computer science, with an additional two years of life sciences (chemistry, biology, etc.).  I also minored in math and computer electronics.  I’ve worked primarily in the medical and aerospace industries.


flu vac

My 45th completely safe flu vaccination. I’m not dead yet.

I’ve written on science for Forbes, Skeptical Inquirer, the National Center for Science Education, Patheos, and others.  I co-authored my first book, “The Fear Babe,” in 2015.





Ham Radio

Field Day, 1979.  An understanding of the physics of radio waves helps debunk “earthers” such as David Avocado Wolfe. 😉








I’m a passionate astronomer, amateur radio operator, and published photographer.  When possible I also donate photography to science outreach programs such as those sponsored by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the European Southern Observatory.





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